JHD Insta360 Ace Pro Waterproof Action Camera

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JHD Insta360 Ace Pro Waterproof Action Camera



Ace Pro Standalone, Ace Pro Creator Kit, Ace Pro GPS-Ready Kit, Ace Pro Endurance Kit, Ace Pro Motorcycle Kit, Ace Pro Splash Kit, Ace Pro Cycling Kit, Ace Pro Winter Kit


  • 1. What makes Ace Pro & Ace so special?

    Our Ace series takes the latest in AI innovation and camera technology, giving you an all-new way to capture your action. A best-in-class Leica SUMMARIT lens leads the way with Ace Pro, guaranteeing stunning night performance with its 1/1.3″ sensor. You’ll also notice the flip touchscreen, allowing for easy shots no matter the angle. A 5nm AI chip brings all-new potential to the action camera. Whether its through the smart AI Highlights Assistant, saving you time editing and managing your files, or through our mind-bending AI Warp, allowing you to use whatever keywords you can think of to customize your videos – we think there’s something for everyone to love with the Ace series!

  • 2. Are Ace Pro & Ace accessories cross-compatible?

    Yes! With our signature magnetic mounting, the Ace series can use the same mounts across the two. The difference lies in imaging quality and other quality-of-life features.

  • 3. What can the GPS Remote do with Ace Pro & Ace?

    You can use our GPS Preview Remote in all sorts of unique ways. As the name suggests, you can get a live preview of your camera from meters away right from your wrist. You can also remote control your camera, even waking it up from an off state. It’s possilbe to control up to 4 cameras from one remote, especially useful if you’re on a shoot that’s moving (think bikes), and need to control several angles at the same time. And of course there’s the ability to overlay unique stats in post-production, too, like speed, elevation, and more.


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