JHD E99 Pro Max Drone Quadcopter Helicopter

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JHD E99 Pro Max Drone Quadcopter Helicopter


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  • 4K HD Video Recording :Capture stunning aerial footage with the drone’s 4K HD video recording feature.
  • Foldable Mini Design:The drone’s foldable mini design makes it easy to transport and store, perfect for on-the-go filming.
  • High Hold Mode :The high hold mode allows for stable and smooth flight, ensuring that your footage is free from shakiness.
  • Removable/Replaceable Battery :The drone comes with a removable/replaceable battery, allowing you to keep flying for longer periods without worrying about running out of power.
  1. The drone must be placed ona horizontal planebefore it can start to prepare for flight. If it is not on a horizontal plane, the motor will lose balance and the wind blades will not be able to rotate;
  2. The dronemust not be operated on the hand, not only the motor cannot be balanced, but it will also cause danger! ! !
  3. After the initial calibration, gently push the left lever up, the drone’s wind blades will only rotate but not fly, which means the unlocked standby state. At this time, the drone’s motor is at a low power. It is normal if it does not rotate or rotates very slowly; at this moment,push the left lever up again, and the drone will fly normally.


Please read the instructions carefully before use.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that an experienced adult assist.

Be careful with the battery: do not overcharge or over discharge.

Do not put it in high temperature conditions.

Don’t throw it into the fire.

Don’t throw it into the water.


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