JHD DJI Power 500 1000 + 120W Solar Panels


JHD DJI Power 500 1000 + 120W Solar Panels




DJI Power 500, DJI Power 500 +1 X Solar Panel, DJI Power 1000, DJI Power 1000 +1 X Solar Panel, DJI Power 1000 +3 X Solar Panels


Technical Parameters


  • model

  • DYM1000H
  • capacity

  • 1024 watt hours
  • net weight

  • About 13 kg
  • size

  • 448 mm long, 225 mm wide, 230 mm high
  • Number of ports

  • AC power output port × 2
    USB-C × 2
    USB-A × 2
    SDC × 1
    SDC Lite × 1
    AC power input port × 1
  • Maximum operating altitude

  • 3000 meters

Output specifications

  • AC output

  • DYM1000H: AC 220 volts to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz, maximum continuous output of 2200 watts.

    When the product power is higher than 20%, it can continuously output the maximum power. Exchange output data differs between countries or regions.

  • AC output (bypass mode)

  • DYM1000H: 220V to 240V AC, 10A, 2200W
  • USB-A output

  • 5V, 3A
    9V, 2A
    12V, 2A
    maximum output power 24 watts per channel
  • USB-C output

  • 5V, 5A
    9V, 5A
    12V, 5A
    15V, 5A 20V
    , 5A 28V
    , 5A (EPR)
    Maximum output power per channel 140W*

    * USB-C interface supports up to 140W The output power of the device needs to support the PD 3.1 protocol and use a USB cable that complies with the USB EPR protocol.

  • SDC and SDC Lite output

  • SDC: 9 volts to 27 volts, maximum current 10 amps, maximum output power 240 watts
    SDC Lite: 9 volts to 27 volts, maximum current 10 amps, maximum output power 240 watts

    The SDC and SDC Lite interfaces can support expansion with multiple accessories.

Enter specifications

  • AC input

  • DYM1000H: 220V to 240V AC, 1200W (charging), 2200W (bypass mode)
  • SDC and SDC Lite input

  • SDC: DC 32V to 58.4V, 400W maximum, 8A
    SDC Lite: 32VDC to 58.4V, 400W maximum, 8A

    SDC and SDC Lite interfaces support multi-accessory expansion.

Battery specifications

  • Battery core material

  • LFP (lithium iron phosphate)
  • cycle life

  • More than 80% capacity can be maintained after 3000 cycles.

    Measured under laboratory conditions of 25°C, using 600W normal mode for charging, and the output power is 1000W.

operating temperature

  • Power supply ambient temperature

  • -10℃ to 45℃
  • Charging ambient temperature

  • 0℃ to 45℃
  • Storage environment temperature

  • -10℃ to 45℃


What is the battery cell material of DJI Power 1000? What is the service life?
The battery core material is lithium iron phosphate (LFP).
It can achieve 3000 cycles and can provide a service life of about 10 years even if it is used frequently.

* Under laboratory conditions of 25℃, using 600W normal mode charging and an output power of 1000W, it can still maintain more than 80% capacity after 3000 cycles. Based on the correct use of this product, the DJI Power 1000 has a service life of approximately 10 years based on a frequency of complete charge and discharge almost once a day. This data is for reference only. Please refer to actual usage.

What is the volume when charging DJI Power 1000?
In an indoor environment of 25°C, keeping a distance of 100 cm from the DJI Power 1000 and charging the Power 1000 in 600-watt normal mode, the volume is as low as 23 decibels.
What is the UPS mode of DJI Power 1000? how to use?
The UPS mode stands for “uninterruptible power supply” and is mainly used to power the equipment through DJI Power 1000 after the power grid is cut off to prevent unexpected situations caused by sudden power outages.
When a powered device is connected to a powered-on DJI Power 1000, and the mains power supplies both devices at the same time, the power supply turns on the UPS mode by default. DJI Power 1000 can switch to power supply state within 0.02 seconds. Please choose whether to use this mode according to the actual device you are using.
When using UPS mode, the charging speed will be related to the load of the connected device, and the load of the connected device will change dynamically, and the charging time of the powered device will also be different.
How to upgrade the firmware of DJI Power 1000?
Please refer to the instructions in “Firmware Upgrade” in the user manual; before upgrading, please install the DJI Assistant 2 (Power Series)
user manual and DJI Assistant 2 download link on your computer: -1000/downloads
What is the warranty period of DJI Power 1000?
The default warranty period is 3 years. Scan the QR code on the phone to complete the registration and you can get an additional 2 years of warranty.
How to maintain DJI Power 1000? How to improve battery life?
Do not store the power supply for a long time after being completely discharged to avoid the battery entering an over-discharge state and causing battery cell damage.
For long-term storage, please charge the product to 100% and then discharge it to about 60%. Long-term high-power storage can easily cause the battery to age too quickly, and low-power storage can easily cause the battery to over-discharge.
After that, please charge and discharge again every 4 months or so: first discharge the power to 15%, turn off the power and let it sit for more than 2 hours, then use the 600-watt normal mode to charge to 100%, and perform maintenance on the power supply.
What should you do when a fault code appears on the power supply?
If a fault code occurs on the power supply, you can click this link to view details.

What charging methods does DJI Power 1000 support?
There are three charging methods:
1. Use AC power to charge through the AC power input interface.
2. Charging through DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT) and solar panel.
3. Connect the DJI Power car charger plug to the SDC charging cable and use the cigarette lighter interface that comes with the car to charge.
What is the fastest way to charge DJI Power 1000? What is the corresponding charging time?
The fastest charging method is through the AC input interface, which can charge from zero to full power in 70 minutes and from zero to 80% power in 50 minutes.
What should you pay attention to when using a solar panel to charge DJI Power 1000?
When DJI Power 1000 uses solar panels to charge, it needs to be used with the DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT). One adapter module can be connected to up to three solar panels for charging, and DJI Power 1000 can be connected to up to two adapters at the same time. Connect the module. *

* DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT) and solar panels need to be purchased separately.

External power supply
What external power supply methods does DJI Power 1000 have?
There are three external power supply methods: AC output power supply, USB power supply, and SDC or SDC Lite interface power supply.
The AC output power supply can be directly connected to common electrical appliances such as household appliances.
USB power supply can power laptops, mobile phones or other digital devices;
the SDC or SDC Lite interface supports the expansion of a variety of external power supply uses through accessories, and can quickly charge drone batteries such as Mavic 3 series and Air 3 smart flight batteries.
How to turn on the AC output mode? How many modes are there?
After turning on the power, you can press the AC button to turn on the AC output.
When you short press the AC button to turn on the phone, the indicator light and AC light will show a slow breathing flashing effect. If the AC interface does not detect power output within half an hour, the AC interface will automatically turn off the AC output.
When you press and hold the AC button to turn on the phone, the indicator light and AC light are always on. In this case, the AC output will continue to be on and the power will not be cut off.
How to switch the output frequency of AC output?
There are two ways:
1. When charging with AC input of different frequencies, the power supply will automatically switch to the frequency consistent with the input.
2. If you need to switch the AC frequency, please disconnect the mains power when the AC output is turned on, and then press and hold the AC button for 10 seconds until the frequency changes on the screen.
How can I achieve maximum output power when powered via USB-C?
First you need to check whether your USB-C cable supports 140W high power transmission.
Taking the 16-inch MacBook Pro as an example, if you use a regular USB-C charging cable, the maximum transmission power is only 100 watts, and it can only reach 140 watts when using its own magnetic cable.
How long does the DJI Power 1000’s maximum output power last?
DJI Power 1000 can maintain a maximum output power of 2200 watts when the power is above 20%.
What are the precautions for use in low temperature environments?
In a low-temperature environment, the discharge capability of the power supply will be affected and the output power will decrease. In order to ensure battery life, when the power supply detects battery cell undervoltage and the output power exceeds 1000 watts, it will automatically shut down the output.
If DJI Power 1000 is not powered by external power, how long will it take for it to shut down?
One hour.


What functional expansion does the SDC interface support?
1. Use with DJI Power solar panel adapter module (MPPT) to achieve solar charging.
2. With the corresponding drone battery fast charging cable, it can quickly charge DJI Mavic 3 series, Air 3, Matrice 30 series TB30, and Inspire 3 TB51 smart flight batteries.
3. Used with the DJI Power SDC car charging socket power supply cable, it can supply power to car electrical appliances.
4. With the DJI Power SDC to XT60 power supply cable, you can connect a balance charger (model aircraft battery balance charger) outdoors to charge the model aircraft battery.
5. With the DJI Power car charger plug to SDC charging cable, the power can be charged through the cigarette lighter interface in the car.
Which drone models and batteries does the fast power supply function of the SDC interface support?
DJI Mavic 3 series smart flight battery, DJI Air 3 smart flight battery, DJI Inspire 3 TB51 smart battery, Matrice 30 series TB30 smart flight battery.
What precautions should be taken when using the DJI drone’s fast power supply function?
After flying, please wait for the drone battery to cool down before connecting the fast charging cable corresponding to the DJI Power SDC interface for fast charging, otherwise the charging speed may be affected.
Since the drone battery is trickle charged at 5% between 95% and 100%, the charging speed is relatively slow. You can use it after charging to 95%, and the battery life will not be shortened too much.


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