JHD DJI Cellular module (TD-LTE wireless data terminal)

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JHD DJI Cellular module (TD-LTE wireless data terminal)


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You can connect your DJI device to the 4G network to achieve multiple functions such as networking, enhanced image transmission, and network RTK. This module provides you with high-speed and stable networking services and comes with a one-year enhanced image transmission subscription service.

Enhanced image transmission: Based on the original image transmission, it cooperates with the 4G network. If the original image transmission signal is blocked or interfered, the user can still control the drone with the help of the 4G network, reducing the chance of disconnection.

Kind tips

  1. This product does not contain a SIM card, please contact your local operator to purchase it.
  2. When using enhanced image transmission, please be sure to operate the drone in a place where the 4G signal of the remote control or mobile phone is close to full.Since the enhanced image transmission is implemented through the 4G network, there may be certain delays and freezes, so be sure to fly with caution.
  3. Depending on the activation date, the enhanced image transmission service needs to be renewed after one year, and the subscription price is 99 yuan/year.
  4. DJI may terminate the enhanced image transmission service at any time in accordance with local laws and regulations.The termination of the enhanced image transmission service will not affect other networking functions of the Cellular module.
  5. Enhanced image transmission is currently only available for purchase and use in mainland China. For other countries and regions, please pay attention to DJI’s official notice.

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DJI Cellular module (TD-LTE wireless data terminal) × 1

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