DJI Agras T60 Agriculture Enterprise Drone

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DJI Agras T60 Agriculture Enterprise Drone




Technical Parameters

Aircraft parameters

  • Total Weight

  • 45 kg (without battery)
    61 kg (with battery)
  • Maximum takeoff weight [1]

  • Maximum spray take-off weight: 111 kg (standard configuration with 2 nozzles + 50 L operation box, near sea level)
    Maximum spray take-off weight: 122.5 kg (optional fruit tree kit, additional 2 nozzles, near sea level)
    Maximum sowing take-off weight: 124 kg (near sea level)
  • Maximum wheelbase

  • 2270 mm
  • Dimensions

  • Spraying:
    Arms are unfolded, blades are unfolded: 2870*3295*900 mm
    Arms are unfolded, paddles are folded: 1650*2035*900 mm
    Arms are folded, paddles are folded: 1100*900*900 mm
    Arms are unfolded, Blades unfolded: 2870*3295*900 mm
    Arms unfolded, blades folded: 1650*2035*900 mm
    Arms folded, blades folded: 1100*900*900 mm
  • Hover accuracy (good GNSS signal)

  • Enable RTK positioning:
    1 cm + 1 ppm (horizontal)
    1.5 cm + 1 ppm (vertical)
    1 ppm: For every 1 km added between the aircraft and the base station, the accuracy deteriorates by 1 mm. For example, if the aircraft is 1 km away from the base station, the accuracy is 1.1 cm.
    RTK not enabled Positioning:
    ±60 cm horizontally, ±30 cm vertically
  • Maximum flight radius can be set

  • 2 km
  • Working temperature

  • 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Maximum withstand wind speed

  • Level 3 wind (<6 m/s)

Powertrain – Motor

  • Stator size

  • 140×28 mm
  • Motor KV value

  • 83 rpm

Power System – Propeller

  • Material

  • Nylon carbon fiber
  • diameter

  • 56 inches
  • Number of rotors

  • 4

Spray system – water tank

  • Material

  • Plastic (HDPE)
  • Volume of work box

  • 50L
  • operating load

  • 50kg

Spray system – sprinkler head

  • Nozzle model

  • LX07550SX/LX08550SX (optional)
  • Number of nozzles

  • Standard configuration 2
  • Nozzle spacing

  • 1765 mm (rear spray boom)
  • Atomized particle size

  • 50-500 μm / 20-320 μm
  • Effective spray width range [2]

  • 4-11 m (relative working height 3 m)

Sprinkler System – Water Pump

  • Water pump type

  • Impeller pump (magnetic drive)
  • Number of water pumps

  • 2
  • Maximum flow

  • 18 L/min (2 nozzles)
    28 L/min (4 nozzles)

Spreading system

  • Applicable materials

  • Particle size 0.5-10 mm;
  • Spreading box volume

  • 80 L
  • Spreader structure structure type

  • centrifugal spinner
  • Discharger structure type

  • Auger feed
  • Maximum discharge capacity

  • 3.1 kg/s (compound fertilizer)
  • Maximum load inside the spreading box

  • 60kg
  • Effective spread [3]

  • Range: 3-8 m

Security System 3.0

  • Phased array radar EIRP

  • <20 dBm (NCC/MIC/KC/CE/FCC)
  • Working temperature

  • 0 ℃ to 40 ℃;
  • Working environment requirements

  • The light intensity is normal, the scene texture features are rich, and there is no dirt.
  • working frequency

  • Phased array radar: 24.05-24.25 GHz (NCC/FCC/MIC/KC/CE)
  • Operating power consumption

  • Front active phased array radar: 23 W
    Rear active phased array radar: 18 W
  • FOV

  • Front phased array digital radar: horizontal 360°, vertical ± 45°, upward ± 45° (cone)
    Rear phased array digital radar: vertical 360°, horizontal ± 45°
    Trinocular vision system: 90*180
  • Ranging range [4]

  • 60 m
  • Effective and safe obstacle avoidance and detour speed [5]

  • <=13.8 m/s
  • Effective obstacle avoidance height

  • >=1.5 m

DJI RC Plus 2

  • model

  • TKPL 2
  • Display

  • 7-inch touch LCD display, resolution 1920*1200, brightness 1400cd/m2
  • Storage ambient temperature

  • -30 ℃ to 45 ℃ (within one month)
    -30 ℃ to 35 ℃ (more than one month and less than three months)
    -30 ℃ to 30 ℃ (more than three months and less than one year)
  • Charging ambient temperature

  • 5 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Built-in battery life

  • 3.8 hours
  • External battery life

  • 3.2 hours
  • charging method

  • Use a USB-C fast charging charger with a maximum power of 65 W (maximum voltage of 20 V). It is recommended to use a DJI portable charger.
  • Charging time

  • Built-in, built-in and external batteries are all 2 hours (off state follows the official charging method)

DB2100 intelligent flight battery

  • model

  • BAX801-40000mAh-52.22V
  • weight

  • About 16kg
  • capacity

  • 40000 mAh
  • Voltage

  • 52.22V

D12500iE all-in-one variable frequency charging station

  • Output channel

  • 1. DC charging output 42-59.92V/9650W
    2. Air-cooled radiator power supply 12V/6A
    3. AC output 220V/1500W
  • Battery full time [6]

  • 10-12 minutes to fully charge a battery (DB2100 intelligent flight battery, 15% ~ 95% charge)
  • Fuel tank capacity

  • 30L
  • Start mode

  • one-button start
  • Working temperature

  • 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Oil capacity

  • 1.1 L
  • Adaptable battery

  • DB2100 intelligent flight battery
  • size

  • 725×600×700mm
  • weight

  • 75.5 kG ± 1.1 kg
  • Fuel type

  • 92# gasoline or above
  • Reference fuel consumption

  • 500ml/kWh
  • Oil model

  • SJ10W-40

C10000P smart charger

  • Charger model

  • CSX801-10000
  • Dimensions

  • 400×266×120 mm
  • Total Weight

  • Approximately 12.7 kg
  • Input voltage

  • Three-phase AC input: 380 V
    Single-phase AC input: 220 V
  • The output voltage

  • 42-59.92V
  • Output current

  • 190A
  • rated power

  • 9000W (three-phase 380V input)
    3300W (single-phase 220V input)
  • Charging time [7]

  • 12-15 minutes to fully charge a battery (DB2100 intelligent flight battery, 15% ~ 95% charge)
  • Protective function

  • Over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, fan stall and other protection functions
  • Working temperature

  • 0℃-40℃
  • Output channel

  • 1
  • Adapted to intelligent flight battery

  • DB2100 intelligent flight battery

4G enhanced image transmission

  • Dongle model

  • IG831T
  • technical standard

  • interface

  • USB-C interface, nano-SIM card interface, TS-5 antenna interface
  • antenna

  • Dual antenna
  • size

  • 43.5 mm * 23.0 mm * 7.0 mm
  • weight

  • Approximately 11.5 g
  • Working voltage and current

  • 5 V, 1 A


  • [1] Measured at sea level, the DJI Agriculture App will intelligently recommend loading weights based on the current aircraft status, environmental conditions, and operating tasks. The maximum weight of materials loaded by the user must not exceed the recommended value, otherwise it may affect flight safety.
    [2] The effective spray width of the spray system depends on the actual operating scenario.
    [3] The effective sowing width is the data measured at a flight height of 3 m. The actual operation is related to the rotation speed of the spinner, the type of material, the amount of material per mu, and the on-site environment.
    [4] Security System 3.0 observation distance will vary due to ambient light, rain and fog, and the material, location, and shape of the target object.
    [5] To ensure work safety, it is recommended to encircle the wires in the form of obstacles.
    [6] Affected by factors such as input power, altitude, initial charging capacity, etc., the charging time will vary.
    [7] Affected by the local power grid environment, such as distance, wire material, wire diameter, etc., the output power may vary.
  • The words HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI trade dress, and the HDMI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.



What is the direction of rotation of the T60 agricultural drone’s blades ?
What improvements are there in the power system of the T60 agricultural drone?
140mm large motor, 56-inch high-strength propellers, 350A large flow ESC, and the overall pulling force is increased by 33% compared to the T50.

sprinkler system

Will the pressure centrifugal nozzle be easily clogged?
Equivalent diameter of 3.4 mm, suitable for spraying all forms of pesticides. It is recommended to clean the spray system in time after operation.
What accessories are included in the fruit tree kit?
The fruit tree kit includes 2 centrifugal sprinklers, 4 solenoid valves for fruit trees, 4 pressure funnels, 2 large spray booms, 2 arm wires, and a 60 L water tank.
What is the difference between the T60 agricultural drone pressure centrifugal sprinkler and the centrifugal sprinkler ?
The particle size range of the pressure centrifugal nozzle is 20-320 microns, and the particle size range of the centrifugal nozzle is 50-500 microns.

Security System 3.0

What functions does the active phased array radar and trinocular vision equipped on the T60 agricultural unmanned aircraft support?
1. Supports horizontal and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and intelligent detour in the nose direction;
2. Supports large-slope ground imitation operations.
What precautions should be taken when using the T60 Agricultural UAV Safety System 3.0 ?
1. The observation distance will vary due to ambient light, rain and fog, and the material, location, shape of the target object, etc.;
2. When the vision is dirty or operating at night, the aircraft will use pure radar to complete the ground-like detour operation. The effect of mimicking the ground has been reduced, so please fly with caution.
What kind of mountains, forests and orchards is the T60 agricultural drone’s ground imitation function without aerial survey suitable for ?
Suitable for mountain forests and orchards without obstacles such as wires, cable stays, dead trees, etc.
Fruit tree mode 4.0

What improvements have been made to the T60 agricultural drone aerial survey and mapping?
The area of ​​a single aerial survey of fruit trees has been increased to 120 acres. In order to ensure the success rate of aerial survey mapping, the T60 will automatically adjust the flight speed according to the slope of the mountain. The greater the slope, the slower the speed, and the aerial survey efficiency will be different .
Does the T60 agricultural drone remote control support secondary editing of the 3D routes of DJI Maps/DJI Smart Agriculture Platform?
Fruit Tree Mode 4.0 optimizes three-party interoperability, that is, the high-definition images reconstructed by DJI Maps/DJI Smart Agriculture Platform can be uploaded to the remote control, and then the three-dimensional route can be edited on the remote control .
What functions does Fruit Tree Mode 4.0 have?
Supports three-dimensional route sowing of fruit trees, DJI Map/DJI Smart Agriculture Platform/remote control three-way interoperability, tree row planning, and three-dimensional route point editing (height, insertion, etc.).
Intelligent flight batteries and charging equipment

Can the D12500iE all-in-one variable frequency charging station be connected to mains power?
Not supported, purchase additional charger.
What kind of generator does the T60 smart charger need to be paired with?
Three-phase generators rated 12,000 watts and above.
Spreading system

How many augers does the T60 spreading system come standard with? What kind of materials are suitable?
It comes standard with 3 types of augers, suitable for materials with particle sizes in the range of 0.5-10 mm.
How compatible is the T60 spreading system?
It is different from the T25P material box, but is compatible with others.
What is the function of the annular retaining ring on the spinner plate in the T60 spreading system accessories ?
The annular retaining ring on the spinner plate is used to improve the spreading uniformity under low flow conditions. When using a small auger, it must be used with an annular retaining ring to ensure the spreading uniformity .
How to choose the appropriate auger for T60 spreading system?
Choose the appropriate auger according to the amount of material spread per mu, particle type and size.
Can the T60 spreading system be used for normal discharging after removing the spinner plate ?
The spinning plate can be used normally after being removed, and is suitable for aquaculture, lotus root field spreading and other scenarios.
Smart remote control & image transmission
Is the RTK high-precision positioning module of the T60 smart remote control standard ?
Is the external battery of the T60 smart remote control standard or optional?
Is the 4G enhanced image transmission module standard?
The remote controller comes standard with a network card, and onboard 4G needs to be optional. Before using 4G enhanced image transmission, the drone needs to use the DJI enhanced image transmission module (only available in mainland China) to connect to the Internet normally. The remote control can choose to connect to the Internet through the DJI enhanced image transmission module or Wi-Fi.
Does 4G enhanced image transmission support remote takeoff?
When landing using enhanced image transmission, if the connection method is pure 4G mode, the drone will be unable to take off three minutes after landing. If you need to take off again, you must be within the connection range of O4 video transmission. Please fly with caution.
Can T60 smart remote control support T50/T40?
not support.


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