Don’t choose these DJI aerial drones! 2024 DJI Aerial Photography Drone Pit Avoidance Guide!

There are numerous brands and diverse models of aerial drones. Which ones should we avoid and which are worth considering? If you’re in the market for a DJI aerial drone, join me for a closer look!

Which aerial drones should not be chosen?

  1. Do not choose those with poor safety performance
    The primary consideration for aerial drones should be their safety and stability. No matter how advanced the aerial photography function is, all advanced features are meaningless if drones are prone to flight failures or “explosions”. Safe and stable drones require excellent flight control systems, stable and reliable gimbal and image transmission systems, as well as effective obstacle avoidance functions. When choosing drones, it is important to avoid purchasing brands and models that lack these basic safety guarantees or have a record of safety hazards.
  2. Don’t choose low quality images
    One of the core elements of aerial photography is to capture high-definition, delicate images and videos. Drone cameras with resolutions below 4K are often unable to meet the image magnification requirements after flight altitude, resulting in unsatisfactory shooting results. When choosing a drone, it is important to avoid purchasing products with poor image quality and performance. Choosing drones with high-resolution cameras, large-sized sensors, and large aperture lenses is a key factor in ensuring high-quality aerial photography.
  3. Do not choose those with insufficient anti shake performance
    The stability of aerial photography is an important criterion for measuring the quality of drones. The anti shake performance of drones mainly relies on gimbal systems, while fixed gimbals and two axis mechanical gimbals are significantly inferior to three-axis mechanical gimbals in terms of anti shake performance. To ensure the stability and clarity of aerial images, it is advisable to avoid purchasing drones that are not equipped with three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbals or have poor anti shake effects.
  4. Do not choose images with short transmission distance and unstable signals
    The performance of the image transmission system directly affects the range of activities and control experience of drones. Low end WIFI image transmission limits the range and stability of drones due to high latency and poor anti-interference performance. When choosing a drone, it is advisable to avoid purchasing models with short image transmission distances and unstable signals, and instead choose products equipped with high-performance digital image transmission systems to ensure longer flight distances and a more stable control experience.
  5. Don’t choose those with weak battery life
    The endurance of drones is an important factor affecting the aerial photography experience. Low end or toy grade drones typically have a battery life of around 10 minutes due to limitations in battery technology, which severely limits the duration and flexibility of aerial photography. When choosing a drone, it is important to avoid purchasing products with a short battery life. Instead, it is recommended to choose models with a battery life of more than 20 minutes and preferably provide backup batteries or a smooth flight kit to ensure a smooth aerial shooting experience that is not limited by battery life.

Recommendation of High Cost Performance DJI Aerial Photography Drones
① Beginner’s Guide – DJI Mini 2 SE

DJI Mini 2 SE Drone


DJI Mini 2 SE Drone

SKU: DJI Mini 2 SE
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The DJI Mini 2 SE, designed by DJI for the novice and entry-level market, is a high-end drone that seamlessly integrates multiple technologies, satisfying the aerial photography needs of these users while maintaining ease of use and portability.

With its 2.7K ultra-clear image and 4x zoom shooting capabilities, the DJI Mini 2 SE captures clear and detailed images, making it accessible even to novice aerial photographers. The inclusion of an intelligent shooting mode further simplifies operation, making creative processes both straightforward and enjoyable.

DJI’s proprietary OcuSync 2.0 image transmission technology extends the control range to up to 10 kilometers, coupled with its 5-level wind resistance and a long endurance of 31 minutes, ensuring the DJI Mini 2 SE maintains stable flight performance even in challenging conditions, providing users with expanded exploration opportunities. Portability is another standout feature of the DJI Mini 2 SE.

With a folded size of just 138mm and a lightweight body of 246g, it’s an ideal choice for travel, enabling users to capture beautiful moments anytime and anywhere. In terms of pricing, the DJI Mini 2 SE offers exceptional value for money, with a single unit price of just 1999 yuan and a full flight kit for just over 3000 yuan. This makes it one of the most affordable ways to experience DJI drones today.

② Main Point- DJI Air 2S

JHD DJI Air 2S Standard Fly More Combo Drone


JHD DJI Air 2S Standard Fly More Combo Drone

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The release of DJI Air 2S has indeed elevated the performance and intelligent shooting ability of DJI drones to new heights. Its rich features and excellent performance make it one of the flagship models in the field of aerial photography.

1-inch image sensor paired with 2.4 μ The large pixel size of m provides users with 5.4K high-definition video shooting capabilities, which are close to the performance of professional SLRs in terms of image quality, dynamic range, and resolution, meeting the strict requirements of professional photographers for aerial photography image quality.

The master lens intelligent shooting function makes DJI Air 2S not only a high-performance shooting tool, but also an intelligent creative partner. Users can shoot multiple camera shots with just one click, and automatically edit and score, making it easy to create film and television level works, greatly improving the efficiency and fun of aerial video creation.

The application of O3 image transmission technology provides 1080p image transmission capability up to 12 kilometers and 5-level wind resistance, ensuring the image stability and flight safety of DJI Air 2S during long-distance operation, making the flight control experience more comfortable and reassuring.

The introduction of APAS4.0 active obstacle avoidance system has brought DJI Air 2S four-way environmental perception ability, which can actively avoid obstacles even in high-speed flight, greatly improving flight safety and providing guarantees for users to explore more unknown fields.

③ The strongest 249g drone, DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro DJI RC RC-N2 Flymore Combo Plus


DJI Mini 4 Pro DJI RC RC-N2 Flymore Combo Plus  

SKU: DJI Mini 4 Pro
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The release of DJI Mini 4 Pro undoubtedly confirms DJI’s leadership position in the 249g drone segment market. In this weight range, the Mini 4 Pro demonstrates excellent performance and configuration, taking the lightweight and portable drone performance to a new level.

The increase in lens size means that the Mini 4 Pro can capture more details and a broader perspective, bringing users higher quality images and videos. For aerial photography enthusiasts who pursue image quality, this is an important upgrade.

The addition of an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system has made a qualitative leap in flight safety for the Mini 4 Pro. It can more intelligently perceive the surrounding environment and perform obstacle avoidance when necessary, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents during flight.

The improvement of image transmission technology and endurance ensures the stability and reliability of the Mini 4 Pro in long-distance control and long-term flight, providing users with more freedom and broad exploration space.

In addition to the aforementioned technical features, the Mini 4 Pro also supports lossless vertical shooting, an innovative feature that provides more possibilities for social media content creation, making drones not only aerial photography tools, but also a new medium for personal expression and creative sharing.

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